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Does my oil tank need to be replaced?
If there are obvious signs of leaking like a steady drip, oil-stained floor, or wetness on the tank itself generally the tank needs to be replaced. It is possible that the tank has been overfilled causing the wetness and you should be sure to watch during your next delivery to see if this is the cause. Or you can call us at Atlantic Tank at (508) 350-9839 for a free inspection and estimate.

Are there other reasons to think of replacing my tank?
Yes, some tanks are very old and have a significant build up of sludge on the bottom. This can be agitated when you get an oil delivery causing clogging of your fuel line to the burner resulting in no heat or hot water.

Can I have the sludge removed from my tank by cleaning it?
Yes, however when a tank is old enough to have collected this much sludge the steel itself have become pitted and porous inside and it is the sludge that is actually keeping it from leaking. If you notice a wet spot on the belly of the tank or stalactites, do not wipe them of. It would be similar to ripping off a Band-Aid and the resulting leak would be far worse.

Do I lose the oil in my tank if I replace it?
No. Atlantic Tank transfers your usable fuel to a holding tank on our truck without taking any of the sludge. It is then run through a filtering system so the oil you get back is clean.

What if I can’t fit a standard size tank?
If you think that the tank you have needs to be cut in order to remove it than it is likely that you need a different size tank. Atlantic Tank carries a variety of sizes and styles to suit every application. To view these please go to our products page. It is also possible that the tank can be installed in a different location altogether.

Do I need to remove my underground oil tank?
The average lifespan for an underground oil tank is approximately 25 years. If you are selling or refinancing your home the decision may not be up to you. Most banks will not extend loans to homes with an underground oil tank. If this is not the case for you it still may be time to consider removal. The peace of mind that a new above ground tank will give you far outweighs the worry of what may be happening underground.

Do I need to remove my underground oil tank if I’ve stopped using it?
Yes, it’s the law. The reason for this is even if you had the tank pumped out there is still sludge and residue in the tank that can leach out into the environment causing contamination. Over time the rotted tank can collapse causing a sinkhole that can result in structural damage or personal injury.

Can I abandon the tank in place?
In most cases it is better for you to have the tank removed. There are some exceptions to this like an addition built over the tank that would require that the tank stay in place. In this instance we would need approval from you local fire department to clean your tank and fill it with concrete.


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